5/26/10 – OPRAH VIDEO – How One Woman escaped Tony Alamo’s Compound ***COMMENTS***

The Oprah Winfrey Show
May 26, 2010

How One Woman Escaped Tony Alamo’s Compound

Nikki Oprah

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In: Eye Witness & First Hand Accounts of Abuse, Videos - Television

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2 Posts

  1. CeeCee Says:

    Nikki is such a BRAVE, STRONG young lady. I certainly do respect her for the stance she took. God bless the family that reached out to her that night. Good luck to you girls and I hope you do not allow your dark past to affect your future.
    TONY ALAMO is Satan’s First Disciple……he is on his way to hell, upside down.

  2. Erik Says:

    Wow, I watched this video twice and I can see that she isn’t lying.

    I was trying to give this Tony Alamo the benefit of the doubt but I can see there is some substance to things he did.

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