5/26/10 – VIDEO: Living With Tony Alamo – The Oprah Winfrey Show ***COMMENTS***

The Oprah Winfrey Show
May 26, 2010

Living With Tony Alamo

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Watch Jeanne, Amy, Desiree and Nikki, former members of the Tony Alamo Christian Ministry, look back at their lost childhoods.

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  1. Christhiaon Coie Says:

    Today Oprah and these honest and brave young women told the world about being raped, beaten. Robbed of their lives. Childhoods and teens perminantly stainded memories. Nightmare that screen 24 hours a day. They gave the world the truth. No one can give back to them or any of the other children from the Foundation anything that was so viciously ripped away. Stop letting depraved psychotics hide behind a Bible, Prayer Book or the First Ammendmant. My Mother and Tony weren’t strangers to law enforcement. They weren’t hidden in the Andees from the press. Maybe today Oprah helped the world have the guts to say NO MORE.
    Thank you ladies telling the world the truth. Well done.
    Christhiaon Coie

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