10/21/10 – TG: Tony Alamo in isolation in prison after a fight ***COMMENTS***

Texarkana Gazette
October 21, 2010
By: Lynn LaRowe

Tony Alamo in isolation in prison
Evangelist placed there after a fight

Evangelist Tony Alamo is in isolation at the federal prison in Tucson, where he is serving a 175-year term for sex crimes, according to his lawyer.

Attorney John Wesley Hall Jr. of Little Rock said prison officials placed Alamo in the special unit after a physical confrontation with another inmate and allegations Alamo made verbal threats to harm prosecutors and others connected with his criminal case.

“He’s a crime victim and they locked him in the hole,” Hall said. “That guy must really be proud of himself to beat up a blind, 76-year-old man.”

Hall said he is uncertain as to what caused the altercation but thinks Alamo was attacked.

“I’m not sure of the extent of his injuries,” Hall said.

Hall said he is concerned that Alamo’s diabetes is not being properly managed in the special unit and said Alamo has not been allowed the use of his eyeglasses or the machine he needs to “read the Bible.”

“He can’t see a punch coming to duck,” Hall said.

Hall said Alamo’s seeing machine is in storage at the prison despite a promise from officials to position it in the library for his use.

Hall said Alamo has had to give the combination to his locker to other inmates because he can’t read the numbers on the tumbler.

Hall said Alamo has been confined in the isolation unit for at least 60 days.

“There are a number of reasons an inmate could be placed in segregation,” said Bureau of Prisons spokesman Edmond Ross.

Ross said the “special housing unit” is like “a jail inside a prison” where inmates are locked in their cells for most of the day.

Ross said a disciplinary infraction or a pending investigation into a disciplinary matter can lead to placement in the unit. Inmates can also be assigned to the unit if they need protection.

“It’s hard to say,” Ross said when asked abou the typical length of stay in the special housing unit. “It could be short, just a few days, or it could be weeks or months depending on the circumstances of the individual.”

Ross said BOP policy prevents disclosure of specific information concerning an inmate’s status or disciplinary record.

According to a recent post on the Website hosted by Tony Alamo Christian Ministries, Alamo is a “political prisoner.”

“The true reason for Pastor Alamo’s imprisonment is exposing the one world government cult,” the Website said. “He is being held in the ‘hole’ for no reason. He cannot make phone calls. His incoming and outgoing mail is rarely received in a reasonable amount of time. The one world government cult and media will use all means to silence the truth and deceive the whole world.”

Alamo’s phone privileges were suspended for more than 400 days in March because he was attempting to conduct business over the phone, according to previous interviews with Hall and a former Alamo attorney.

Inmates are prohibited from running an enterprise within a federal prison.

Alamo, whose real name is Bernie LaZar Hoffman, was convicted in July 2009 in Texarkana on all 10 counts in a federal indictment accusing him of bringing five girls he wed across state lines for sex.

He was moved from a downtown Texarkana jail to the Arizona lockup in February.

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7 Posts

  1. TJ Says:

    Finally it might make him feel like he really is in prison, instead of getting to see his so called wifes 3 times a week for hours each visit. What kind of prison allows a sex offender to see girls every week that he isn’t even married to?
    And his lawyer knows he is guilty how can he even defend an animal like that? Oh I forgot, MONEY!!! Of course he stole all his money from others. Including the poor.
    Concerned citizen!!!

  2. worm can opener Says:

    Everyone knew this would eventually happen. Those convicts are very much aware of who the pedophiles are. Well, now tony knows how those girls felt, when he beat them up and smashed them into walls. Now he knows how the baby felt, when he kicked him around the room in a circle. He’s reaping !!!

  3. SS Says:

    He’s finally getting to feel pain and suffering the way he should. The difference is he has people to stop the beatings against him unlike his poor victims that had no one. He had children beat until they were near death. He starved, beat and raped children with no remorse. It’s payback time on him, I just wish he would suffer more like his victims did. Rott in Jail like the piece of garbage you are Tony!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Lori Says:

    God has struck Tony Alamo (Bernie) blind from all the years of pron he viewed. Have no pity for Tony Alamo, who only reaps what he sowed! He can never suffer enough for the pain he has caused hundreds of his past followers. Praise to the Lord for delivering those who seen through Tony’s veil and fled from the Foundation over the past years…

  5. erik O Says:

    praise the lord thats one of the best goddamn responses ive heard in while

  6. erik O Says:

    any pain caused to that maggot is a cause for celebration in heaven

  7. Barbara Says:

    There are still victims of not only Tony Alamo, but Susan Alamo, as well, who are still bound by the false cultish, selfish doctrines the Alamo’s preached. People still bound by indoctrination and brainwashing, still suffering from the constant, grinding mind control they were subjected to daily in this cult. This is the mark of a cult, and what Jesus said he hated, the doctrine of the Nicolaitans, trafficking in the bodies and souls of men, lording over them and enslaving them by religious mind control.

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