Claudia Chervyakova Recalls The Beating of Justin Miller

When 11 year old Justin Miller was severely beaten with a wooden paddle (late 80’s) Tony Alamo ordered his step-father, Marc Landgarten, to hold him but needed the help of 3 more men so they could hit Justin right on target “spread-eagle in the air”. My ex-husband (also an abuser, but unknown to me at that time) was one of the people Tony chose to hold an arm or a leg. At home, after the beating, he told me he had been keeping count of the swats and said he counted 155, and that he also saw BLOOD that was oozing out of the seat of Justin’s pants!! This sadistic punishment was done at one of the Tony Alamo foundation locations, consisting of 3 houses, around 500 yards from the “church”. It’€™s very secluded there, with no neighbors, not even street-lights, so nobody heard Justin’s screams for help!! Tony was on a speaker-phone, next-door, telling the person swinging the paddle (Terry Farr) how many more times to strike, done “baseball-style”, all the while, looking up SCRIPTURES from the BIBLE and reading them to Justin!! Tony had ALL of the children who lived in the Saugus, Ca. church, at that time, assembled there to witness the beating. One woman, J. S. (15 years old at the time) told me that she had also seen blood coming through Justin’s jeans!! J.S. said to me that every one of those children, including herself and her sister, were called back over to Tony Alamo’s house later on and told by Tony, “you never saw a spanking”, ” nobody ever was spanked”, “there was no spanking that happened”, etc. These children who were ordered to be there were age 3 to 15. Knowing Tony as I do, after being in the organization for 21 messed up years, in my opinion he had those children there so that they would always fear him the rest of their lives. Tony is into “total control of every follower” and, as Hitler, will settle for no less than COMPLETE OBEDIENCE !!!!


In: Eye Witness & First Hand Accounts of Abuse

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