1/18/11: Tony Alamo Seeks to Advise Presidents Obama, Bush, and Clinton in Exchange for Pardon ***COMMENTS***

Tony Alamo Seeks to Advise Presidents Obama, Bush, and Clinton in Exchange for Pardon

Now posted on the Alamo Ministries web site are three letters dated January 3, 2011 from Tony Alamo; one to President Barack Obama, and one each to former presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. Taken at face value, all three letters seem to come from some parallel universe with only a passing similarity to the world we recognize. The letters come from a bizarre world in which presidents take seriously what Tony Alamo might have to say, are easily led to suppose that Tony Alamo’s federal conviction and 175 year sentence were actually persecution for his beliefs, and are willing to consider the possibility that Alamo has heard from God how to resolve the conflict in the Middle East.
This is all hilariously funny but at the same time puzzling. Can Alamo truly think Obama, Bush, and Clinton will possibly fall for such utter lunacy? The answer apparently is yes. What these letters suggest is that Alamo is possessed by a combination of narcissism and megalomania which leave him truly incapable of recognizing where his own malignant fantasies of power and grandeur end and the real world begins. He is not just a criminal. He is criminally insane. One must wonder what current members think when reading these letters and why they continue to support him.

This Bible verse defines Tony Alamo (2 Tim 3:13 KJV) But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.

Excerpt from Alamo letter to Obama: “Therefore, as time is running out, I am asking your majesty to grant me immediate pardon so I can work out the different tactics, strategies, and ideas that God revealed to me and put them into immediate action, since we wasted so much time by not taking immediate drastic steps to end this conflict. It will not only be beneficial to the disputing parties, but to all Americans, to our homeland security and values, the freedom, justice, and equality that we stand for as the land of the free and the home of the brave. Our integrity needs to be an example for the entire world. The whole world is looking at us to resolve their problems, and we can’t afford to fail them. Let the needy, the hopeless, and the helpless know that America is there to listen, defend, and act on their behalf. We have become the hope of many nations and people, and we can’t let this conflict drag on any longer, putting our integrity and reputation into question. For the sake of peace, I ask you, President Obama, to act courageously by freeing me from my prison cell so I can help you deliver an end to this conflict. I am a man of truth, and I mean every word I say. I would welcome you visiting me in person, or, if for some reason you can’t come in person, I am willing to share the strategy that God revealed to me to any of your trusted representatives and to contact my lawyers to prepare the pardon papers. I am 76 years old. I am willing to direct all my influences, resources, and everything I have to help you end this conflict. I know and understand this conflict, and I know how to resolve it, as I know myself and I know how to get things done. Trust in me.”


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  1. Dyann Says:

    Okay, it’s been two hours since I read this and I can not stop laughing out loud! TAN, you are the funniest! Thank you for this ;-)

  2. J Says:

    I thought he hated the government now he wants to help them of course if they help him get out of prison. Did he just go over to the other side? He is insane!!! He forgot to tell them he is in prison for raping and beating children!!

  3. erik ondrisek Says:

    hes pretty convincing. im sure he’ll be pardoned. NOT

  4. Lit'Timmy Says:

    It is so easy for these type of men to create worlds within worlds. It started some horrible long years ago when he was young. Jesus complex .. whatever, He believes every word he writes and speaks comes from God. I laugh outwardly but cry for the child that was so damaged that he became the laughing stock of Christianity. The worst horror are those still following… And are they still doing what he did? Hope someones keeping track somewhere.

  5. worm can opener Says:

    I don’t see how even his faithful lap dogs could read these things and not say to themselves: “cuckoo cuckoo”

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