Alamo Seeks To Intimidate and Harass Those Who Are Exposing His Evil Deeds

Alamo is still using the “persecution” card when people try to bring to light his lies and deceit. Recently, the citizens of Fouke, AR have had enough and began their own campaign to make the community aware of what is going on behind Alamo’s compound. This has prompted the “World Pastor” to bring (what he describes as) several “powerful soul-winning messages” about God “annihilating” all who come against Alamo’s church. He mentions several people who have suffered heart attacks and claims it was because they came against the Alamo church.

There is a little known fact amongst anyone who actually knows Tony Alamo and how he uses psychology to get his followers to obey and believe he actually hears from the Lord. One of the more effective methods is to claim that anyone who becomes ill has been afflicted by God because their soul has fallen away or they have been sinning and they are going to hell by some disease that has manifested because of their rotten souls. In this sound bite he offers to “lay hands on them and cure them” if God allows him to.

Susan Alamo died of cancer in 1982 (after many years of being a heavy smoker). When she was sick Alamo blamed the congregation for her illness. Alamo’s message is always changing based on the situation and how it will work to his advantage.

Below are a few recent sound bites of the World Pastor speaking of the persecutions he has endured and a few threats were thrown in for good measure.

True Christian leader or Cult leader? We bring you the facts. You decide.

Persecution & Threats – Part 1 from Program #340 dated March 6, 20073 minutes

Persecution & Threats – Part 2 from Program #340 dated March 6, 2007 3 minutes

Fact: Bill Levy did have a stroke.
Lie: Bill Levy is paralyzed and can not walk or talk because he came against Alamo’s “church”.
Truth: Bill Levy is not paralyzed and can talk just fine. He has a YouTube video blog that shows him walking and talking.

Fact: Reverend Roger Mixon did suffer from a heart attack.
Lie: That the Reverend has been struck down by God because he made an enemy of Alamo and he will die soon.
Truth: Rev. Mixon is not at death’s door as Alamo claims. He has made a full recovery and is back to work and was recently at the city council meeting.

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