Susan & Tony Alamo Enjoyed Uninhibited Self-Indulgence at The Cost of Their Followers

When Tony & Susan began their ministry they preached about sacrifice and denying the needs of the flesh. They preached about putting away your desires for the things of the world and living humbly for the Lord. This included giving up all family and friends that would not join the group. Tony Alamo still preaches this same message today.

When the Department of Labor and the IRS investigated the Alamo Ministries it blew the lid off of the way that these two “church” leaders were living. They had several large homes (mansions) across the country, fancy cars, diamond rings, furs and anything their hearts desired could and would be specially made for them. All of this was paid for by the members who volunteered their time away from their families and labored for “free”, and then were forced to turn over all income to the group, in service to the Lord (or at least this is what they thought they were doing) while living the most humble of existences. Don and Kathy Wiley’s deposition verifies these facts, as well as part of Susan Alamo’s deposition. Below are some photos of Susan and Tony Alamo that depict their lavish lifestyle in the 1970’s and early 1980’s.
susan-tony.jpg susan-tony1.jpg susan.jpg 1987-tony-alamo.jpg susan2.jpg
Many followers left after they witnessed the decadence of Tony and Susan Alamo and they were told that they would become homosexuals or be killed by God and burn in a lake of fire for all eternity for “falling away”. Tony Alamo still uses these same fear tactics to keep people from leaving the group. Below is a letter that was drafted in the late 1970’s by a former member of the group. He only spent a few years in the group but fled in the middle of the night with only the clothes on his back. He details the deplorable living conditions of the 1970’s and early 1980’s and the way that converts were “trained” to do all that the Alamo’s expected of their followers. In some case the living conditions have improved but these same “training” tactics are still used today by the Alamo Ministries.
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