I’m The Best…

If there is one thing you won’t hear a lot of on Tony Alamo’s radio programs, that would have to be the preaching of the gospel. When reviewing the many programs of his on his website it seems that one theme remains constant (other than fornication and adultery). Tony Alamo is in love with himself. He thinks he is the best preacher, the best promoter, the best idea man, etc. One thing is for sure, he is the best at lying and getting away with it. Below are some sound bites that we have called “I’m The Best” because they glorify and promote Tony Alamo and his many accomplishments (according to him) from his own lips. Surprisingly most of his claims to fame can not be verified.

Due to the enormous number of these sound bites, (practically every single audio program that Tony Alamo has ever made includes him bragging about his self) we are only able to include these few.

They Say I’m A Genius

I’m A Great Promoter

I’m The Best

I Get Many TV Offers

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