Will Tony Alamo Ministries Be the Next Jim Jones Guyana Tragedy?

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Published March 21, 2007
By Phillip Chambley

Will Tony Alamo Ministries Be the Next Jim Jones Guyana Tragedy?

The similarities between Jim Jones and Tony Alamo are truly amazing. Why do they both wear sunglasses in all their photo’s?
Tony Alamo 1986 Jim Jones

This article is based on the “Freedom of speech act ” here in the U.S.A. I recently received one of Tony Alamo’s 4 color process newsletters on the windshield of my car. Because I am a retired printer, I knew of the expense of this 12 page color process newsletter that this could not be a local ministry, they could not afford such expensive printing was my first impression. After I read the front page of this newsletter (Volume 06200) called “Brace Yourselves” I was even more shocked!

Tony Alamo wrote and I quote: ” Then, to the woe and dismay of everyone in the world Jesus who is commonly and falsely today known as “Sweet Jesus” will abruptly, without any notice, turn the world upside down in a moment and literally tear it to pieces”. I personally believe in Freedom of speech, but this is getting a little out of hand especially if this is what this Christian minister (whom has also been labeled a cult leader) is trying to communicate to individuals around the world using short wave radio. Individuals whom are in lack of education, money, poor health and government funding. However, I do give him credit in his newsletter, the fact that there is never any mention of “Donations” or “Money,” just locations where he can be reached and listened to all around the world.

The Christian minister Jim Jones, also known as a cult leader, fled the country of U.S.A. because of income tax evasion back in 1977. Jones then took his followers to Guyana South America and convinced himself and 912 followers to commit mass suicide in 1978 using cyanide poisoning because his drug abuse had got so far out of control. Tony Alamo served 6 years in prison because of “alleged” tax evasion. Whenever he was asked in court to produce his account books or documents they were no where to be found. He stated that the IRS had them in their possession during the trial.

After he was released from prison these documents and files mysteriously showed up.
Was the federal government trying to prevent the Guyana tragedy from happening all over again? Or were they trying to harass and imprison an innocent minister trying to teach human beings about the “Wrath Of God” ?

In his newsletter, which depicts the photograph of the famous U.S. country singer Willie Nelson and himself at the Grand Ole Opry ( Nashville Tenn. USA), he is wearing dark sunglasses which Jim Jones always wore because of drug abuse. In Tony Alamo’s Website he clearly states the words “False accusers against Tony Alamo”. This sounds like the same “paranoid teachings” that Jim Jones experienced before he died? The only thing I can say to Tony Alamo is take off those dark sunglasses, get rid of those black leather jackets, put on a “decent” suit and tie, and quit hanging around tax evasion bums like Willie Nelson! And also, what is he doing at the Grand Ole Opry to begin with, this concert hall has nothing to do with religion or any spiritual teachings?

In 1989, Tony Alamo fled the town called Saugus, California after he was charged with abusing a 11 year old child in his ministry of worship, which he eluded capture. Alamo had apparently ordered his members to paddle the child because of the child’s transgressions. “Los Angeles Times” April 15, 1999 states that him and five of his followers were charged.

In 1991, Alamo’s compound was raided by federal marshall’s because of a civil lawsuit originally based on not paying his church members enough money for labor, working in his clothing business and at this same time was getting ready to go to court because of federal tax evasion, the IRS claimed that him and his wife Susan owed 10.2 million dollars in back taxes. Convicted in 1994 and served a six year prison sentence and later spent time in a halfway house in Texarkana, Arkansas.

In Tony Alamo’s latest radio interview he is talking about Adolf Hitler? Is he trying to relate in his own mind the picture of world dominance? Most of the interview is garbled which sounds like he is drunk! Besides, why would a worldwide spiritual leader be preaching a sermon about Hitler to begin with to mostly poor and uneducated people?

Personally, because I am of Christian faith, do not see anything wrong with teaching Christianity all around the world through the use of short wave radio, provided that it is taught by a truly dedicated spiritual leader that cares about the welfare of his people and not his personal wealth or “ego”.

Phillip Chambley

In: 2000-2007

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