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Susan Alamo made statements to the press and on TV on numerous occasions that the parents are welcome at all times to visit with their children. We’ll admit there are a few “select” parents who are permitted to visit their children (select because they do not question) once in a while, and there are those parents who pretend to understand and hide their true feeling in order to maintain a simple communication with their children. Ask those “select” parents how long his child has been a member and when, if ever, was the last time he or she was allowed to visit them or anybody else in the family. How do they justify this? Even a prisoner eventually gets probation. On Friday, July 8, 1977, several parents who had not seen their children or heard from them for several years decided to call the Alamo bluff. We went down to the restaurant in an orderly manner and in good faith. From past experiences and knowing that there is little or no credibility in Alamo statements, we informed the press as to what we intended to do. They said they would like to be there. We came without bodyguards (can the Alamo’s make a like statement?)—Just families, some with their young children. Does it make sense we would bring youngsters and subject them to violence? However, the Alamos had their stage set (Alamo is their name and show biz is their game). The Alamo robots were ready and waiting, their elite force. We arrived one at a time: a mother by herself, a family with their young daughters. All were refused entry, were mimicked and jeered at and insulted by these “good Christians”. And there standing by, witnessing all this and giving orders to “Get Them!” was their “Good Pastor, Tony Alamo.” We stood there and watched while some of the male members physically abused, hit and pushed a father and mother of one of the members of the Foundation, while their young ten-year old ran in fright toward the other onlookers. Can anyone honestly say that acts of violence against any parents or people is a “Christian Act”? Is it too much for a parent to ask for a visit with his child on neutral grounds, away from the control and patrol of his leaders?
Is this the freedoms the Alamos keep preaching about? Part of the Alamo indoctrination is “Sever all ties with your parents and families. They are your worst enemies. They will harm you, institutionalize you.” They are no longer to be considered your parents. They are only your flesh parents. Those who do not believe as you do are of Satan. This fear has given the Alamos the total control over our children’s lives. This is totally substantiated by ex-members. The Alamos cannot afford to lose even one member since this is their slave labor force. If they start to lose members their empire falls and they have waited too many years to obtain the power and wealth they now enjoy. Susan Alamo is not fighting to defend the “rights” of our children, as she tries to lead you all to believe. She’s fighting for her own preservation. She has finally made it and she is not about to give it up without a fight. While she’s deceiving our children and the public, she is laughing all the way to the bank. The fear and guilt Susan Alamo has imposed upon our young adults is so great that the lies and accusations they spout (usually when you’ve heard one testimony you have heard them all) have become the truth to them. Our children are victims, and parents who love their children realize this and can only forgive them and are only asking for a chance to enlighten them.. It is sad for parents to see the radical changes in their children’s personality and behavior, not only towards them, but also to their brothers and sisters, grandparents and others they once loved. For those of you who have talked adversely against the parents, we can understand this reaction. Unless those of you, who doubt, have been personally confronted with a similar situation involving your own children, it is difficult to believe that such a situation could exist between young adults and their parents. However, does it seem logical that parents would subject themselves to ridicule from the Alamos as well as their own children, exhaust their funds, and impair their health if they did not feel justified and did not in fact love their children? We fully realize they are grown adults and have a right to choose whatever religion and lifestyle they desire.
We do not question religion. We do however question their freedom to be able to think and make a rational decision. The Alamos use the First Amendment, Freedom of Religion. On what other grounds can they fight? They would further like you to believe that upsetting their apple-cart will destroy all religions. Another ploy used by them. How does she answer to the Thirteenth Amendment, “Involuntary Servitude”? She laughs that one off or changes the subject. Contrary to what the Alamos would like you all to believe, we are all good Americans, we believe in one’s constitutional rights and uphold the First Amendment. If in fact the Alamos were practicing “True Christian Doctrine”, would they tell their members to disown their parents, sever all relationships with the outside world, that they are the only true religion, and that only they will be saved? Is not one of the Ten Commandments “Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother”, or does it say “Mock, Harass and Intimidate Thy Father and Mother”, which is exactly what Tony and Susan Alamo led their followers to do on Friday evening, July 8, 1977, when they came in cars and vans, led by Tony & Susan Alamo and their Attorney, Sam Sexton, and paraded with signs mocking and Jeering in front of our windows at the motel where the parents were staying. Do you know any Pastors who would become a party to such a disrespectful display? If the people of Arkansas would like to become more aware of the inner workings of the Alamos, we urge you to read “Youth, Brainwashing and Extremist Cults” by Ronald Enroth. Mr. Enroth has done some extensive research into cult groups and in this book is a chapter on the Alamos.

Concerned Parents,

Mrs. H. Wizol
Mrs. Grace Gonzalez
Mrs. Selma Seps

Los Angeles, California

In: Concerned Parents

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