Tony Alamo’s Rhinestone Jackets

Occasionally you may come across Alamo’s name when inquiring about rhinestone jackets. Tony Alamo promoted the jackets that his followers created as his own and sold them for thousands of dollars to celebrities in the 1980’s. They can still be found on Ebay and auctions around the country. Little do the buyers know, not only did Alamo get free labor from his followers, but he used to force their children to work on putting the rhinestones on those jackets as well. Alamo realized that their small hands and fingers where perfect for handling the delicate rhinestones. They were directed to report to the warehouses directly after school and worked until as late as 10pm in the evenings. They were never compensated for their efforts.

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artistry-in-glitz1-1.jpg artistry-in-glitz2-1.jpg artistry-in-glitz3-1.jpg artistry-in-glitz4-1.jpg artistry-in-glitz5-1.jpg artistry-in-glitz6-1.jpg artistry-in-glitz7-1.jpg artistry-in-glitz8-1.jpg artistry-in-glitz9-1.jpg artistry-in-glitz10-1.jpgartistry-in-glitz11-1.jpg artistry-in-glitz12-1.jpg artistry-in-glitz13-1.jpg artistry-in-glitz14-1.jpg artistry-in-glitz15-1.jpg artistry-in-glitz16-1.jpg

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