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Below are links to blog sites that discuss Tony Alamo. Most of these blogs have comment sections or discussion forums for the public to express their opinions. :

Spreading our Wings Most recent post “Alamo Christian Ministries Follow-Up” 04/04/09

HubPages – Most recent post “How Polygamy Leads to Slavery” 06/01/08

RELIGION AND CHILD ABUSE – Most recent post “Dr. Phil: Cults? The Tony Alamo Ministries” 05/20/08

Arkansas Blog – Most recent post “Alamo up north” 5/14/08

Signs of Witness – Most recent post”A More Famous Apocalyptic Preacher/Child Molester is Back Bigtime” 05/14/08

Beers for Barcelona – Most recent post “Tony Alamo Christian Ministries” 05/12/08 – Most recent post “What kind of crackpot radio stations carry Tony Alamo?” 05/05/08

Child Predator Watch – Most recent post “UPCOMING PERVERT WATCH EXPOSE’: So-called Prophet Tony Alamo- Condones marriage of girls as young as 12! IF they have had their period!” 04/25/08

Arkansas Blog – Most recent post “Susan and Tony, sordid and phony” 04/06/08

Bobby Jameson Blogspot – Most recent post “Tony Alamo” 12/3/07

RELIGION AND CHILD ABUSE – Most recent post “The Ravening Wolf: The cult of Tony Alamo” 11/06/07

Busted Halo – Most recent post “Get To Know Your Conspiracy Theories” 10/24/07

Signs of Witness – Most recent post “Crazed, Brutal Apocalyptic Cult Leader Added to Hate Crime List” 10/24/07

Blast Furnace Canada Blog
– Most recent post “SPLC: Tony Alamo is a hatemonger” 10/24/07

SPLC Blog Most recent posting “Bad Week For Alamo Ministries” 10/16/07

FACTNet Alamo Message Board


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Religion News Blog
Most recent posting “Evangelist Tony Alamo is back in Arkansas, and making news again” 10/24/07

Invision Power Board Most recent posting “Tony Alamo Christian Ministries, bringin’ the crazy!” 02/13/07

J-Walk Blog Most recent post 09/20/05

Free Republic Most recent posts “The Ravening Wolf – Catholic-Hating Organization Reemerges” can be found HERE and HERE 10/09/07 – The truth about TA

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