Bobby Jameson Reveals His Addiction to Drugs Began at the Hands of Tony Alamo in 1964

The first time I ever used pills to perform was in 1964 when Tony Alamo was flying me around the country to do live gigs that he never paid me for. He used to tell me they were for promotion, but he was getting paid for what I was doing. We were promoting my record “I’m So Lonely/I Wanna Love You” on his record label, TALAMO RECORDS. I was exhausted and he had lined up another personal appearance for me to do in Cleveland or Detroit and I told him I was too damn tired. He pulled a small bottle out of his pocket and tapped a couple of light yellow tablets into my hand and said,”take one of these now and save one for later.” This was to be my first experience with dexedrine. I went on stage and got a standing ovation. A drug addict was born!

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