9/28/08 – Tony Alamo Arrested, Charged Under Mann Act

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September 26, 2008
by Maria Luisa Tucker

Tony Alamo Arrested, Charged Under Mann Act

The FBI has announced that Tony Alamo, the little-girl-loving evangelist covered by the Voice in May, has been arrested for transporting a minor across state lines with the intent to engage in sexual activity.

The arrest comes after federal agents raided Alamo’s Arkansas compound and interviewed women who may have “married” Alamo before they reached the age of consent.

USA Today reports that, hours before he was picked up, “The Signal newspaper of Santa Clarita, Calif., reported having an ‘exclusive’ phone interview today with Alamo, who was ‘waiting at the side of a desert road’ for a part to fix his broken down car.” ‘I’m not on the run,’ Alamo said on the phone Thursday from a desert location he would not specify. ‘I was on my way to Santa Clarita but I got stranded here.’ His comments came during ‘a long, light-hearted casual interview.'”

Some who have been following Alamo’s activities for years celebrated the news. “It’s long overdue,” cult expert Steve Hassan told Runnin’ Scared. “I hope he stays in jail for the rest of his life and I hope a lot of former victims get treatment and counseling. I hope he is put off the air and all the families he has broken up are brought back together and mended.”

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