10/1/08 – KTAL VIDEO Report: All Girls Taken from Alamo Church to Stay in State Custody

September 29, 2008
by: Karen Hopkins

All Girls Taken from Alamo Church to Stay in State Custody

All six girls taken from Tony Alamo’s church will stay in state custody for now. A Miller County Judge heard the cases of four girls Monday. Two sets of sisters had hearings Monday, while two girls had hearings last Friday. The judge decided made the same decision Monday as Friday: that there is enough evidence of abuse to keep the girls away from home for now. In about a month, the girls and parents will have another hearing. At that hearing, the judge will decide if the girls can return home or remain in foster care. Although the first court hearings are over, the Department of Humans Services said there are details to work out. “Will they have visitation? Will they have education needs? How do we best provide for them if they have to stay in care?” DHS spokeswoman Julie Munsell said.The DHS said they will allow parents to visit with the girls as often as possible. Parents, family members and lawyers at court would not comment. In the meantime, investigators will try to get more details before the custody hearings. The court hearings Friday finished in a few hours, because parents waved their parental rights. Officials said parents will have more to say at the custody hearings.

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