10/16/08 – KTAL VIDEO Report: Alamo To Appear In Texarkana’s Federal Court Friday

October 16, 2008
by: Karen Hopkins

Alamo To Appear In Texarkana’s Federal Court Friday

Controversial evangelist Tony Alamo is scheduled to appear in federal court Friday in Texarkana. The evangelist faces charges for allowing children to have sex. Alamo’s legal team is made up of three lawyers. They will meet him face to face for the first time before court starts Friday morning.

“Since he’s going to be in custody, he’s going to be brought in around this side of the building,” says Alamo attorney Jeff Harrelson.

Friday, Tony Alamo will head to Texarkana federal court. A judge will decide if he can be released on bond until trial.
“He does not need to be free. When he was incarcerated before, he still ran the operations of the church,” says Mary Coker, member of PACA – Partnered Against Cult Activity.

“It starts at ten. I have to be there at 9:30,” says Harrelson. Harrelson is just one of the lawyer representing Alamo.”I understand that he does have some prior issues with the law, but I don’t think that he’s dangerous.”

Jeanne Philyaw lives next door to Alamo’s church in Fouke. “People who have been known to be so radical in their thinking should be watched.” Philyaw says if Alamo is released, one thing will happen. “He’ll run. He’ll hide.”

Alamo has churches and followers nationwide. “Tennessee, Oklahoma. This is just one church and although he may not have a church building in another state he he has properties and loyal followers,” says Philyaw.

Harrelson says Alamo will plead not guilty to charges of allowing children to have sex. “Based on my conversations with the legal team and the probation office, I’m hopeful that the judge will release him on conditions.” Conditions that Harrelson says will keep Alamo under close watch. “Sometimes the judge requires him to check in with a probation officer. They could require him to wear a leg monitor.”

But people from Fouke say Alamo is too dangerous to release on bond. “He doesn’t fear God because he thinks he’s doing God’s work. He doesn’t fear the law, he doesn’t fear the system getting him, so if you don’t fear anything like that you are a danger,” says Coker.

Danger or not, the U.S. Marshals say security at the courthouse Friday will be tight.

Federal agents raided his church in Fouke about one month ago.

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