10/22/08 – KTAL VIDEO Report: Judge Rules Alamo Stays In Jail While His Compound Is Raided Again

October 22, 2008
by: Karen Hopkins

Judge Rules Alamo Stays In Jail

For the second time in less than a month, one of Tony Alamo’s religious compounds was raided by the FBI. Agents searched his compound in Fouke, Arkansas. They spent most of the morning looking for more evidence of abuse. This all happened while Alamo was in a Texarkana courtroom. A judge had to decide whether to keep in him jail or release him until trial, and after four hours of witness statements, ruled that Alamo must stay in jail until his November trial.

U.S. Marshals escorted Tony Alamo out of Texarkana’s federal courthouse. The judge said Alamo is dangerous.
“With the false witnesses and liars that they had,” says one faithful Alamo follower after the judge’s decision.

Inside the courthouse, a witness testified she was forced to marry Alamo at 17. “I haven’t seen with my own eyes any, but if people, little girls and women are being mistreated like they say they are, I’m not for that,” says Fouke resident Doyle House.

Anthony Lane, a former church member, testified he was beaten so badly he couldn’t walk for days. “Even my life was threatened while I was there. They said ‘We have brothers that will kill you.'”

“Are people beaten at the church?” “Not to my knowledge,” says one follower leaving the courtroom.

But the majority of church members say Alamo is God’s messenger. “He’s helped people out. He’s been helpful to the community,” says Neal, who declined to give his last name but says he’s been with Alamo and his church for more than 30 years.

Witnesses said Alamo controls all parts of life at his compounds. “Everything that happens is because of his orders,” says Fouke resident and PACA member Mary Coker.

Lawyers for Alamo say they will prepare for trial. “Where they place him will have a lot to do with the preparation time,” says Jeff Harrelson, Alamo’s Texarkana attorney.

Alamo’s followers say this is just the beginning. “You’re smiling, why are you smiling? It’s not over.”

And in Fouke – “It’s making the news in Fouke,” says House.

Officers say the investigation started more than two years ago and it continues on. The judge said Alamo’s criminal history is one reason to keep him in jail until trial.

Alamo’s most recent troubles started in late September. Six girls were taken from his Arkansas compound. The girls remain in state custody. Alamo was arrested in Arizona nearly a month ago. He says this is just another false charge against his church.

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