10/15/08 – Cult leader Wayne Bent says his prosecution will bring about the end of the world

October 15, 2008
Posted by David Pike

A self-proclaimed messiah being investigated for inappropriate contact with children says his “persecution” is bringing about the end of the world.

Union County cult leader Wayne Bent is accused of molesting children whom he says he was only “healing”.

In a statement on his website, he says the investigation into his activities have caused such things as the crisis on Wall Street.

Bent is awaiting trial in Union County after he was accused of lying naked with underage nude girls. One of them says Bent kissed her on the lips and breasts. Bent says the encounter was a religious experience, not a sexual one.

The cult leader warns on his website that God will leave New Mexico a “burned field,” because of his prosecution. He says he’s been working on the entreaty for nearly two months.

Bent also says he is going on a hunger strike. The first week, he says he will eat one meal a day. The second week he will only drink juice and on the third, only water. After October 31, he says he won’t eat or drink again until he is in heaven.

Bent says neither he nor his followers will commit suicide, but writes they are “leaving this world.”

Bent says all of this is in protest of the way he is being treated by the state. His trial is scheduled to start November 17. New Mexico.

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