12/30/08 – Alamo Civil Suit Timeline

Texarkana Gazette
December 30, 2008

Alamo: Civil Suit Timeline

• Nov. 25, 2008

Texarkana lawyer David Carter files a complaint in the Western District of Arkansas, Texarkana division, on behalf of Seth Calagna and Spencer Ondrisek naming Tony Alamo and John Kolbek as defendants.

• Dec. 18

John Wesley Hall Jr. of Little Rock files a motion to strike “prejudicial matter” from the complaint on Alamo’s behalf.

• Dec. 21

Hall files a second motion. This one asks that an allegation of conspiracy listed in the complaint as a cause of action the plaintiffs can pursue be dismissed. Hall avers in the motion that conspiracy is not a “tort” under Arkansas law. Carter has said he agrees with Hall on the legal specifics but that he intends to prove a conspiracy existed between the defendants to systematically and ritualistically abuse children and adults.

• Dec. 23

Hall files his third motion in the civil case, asserting that references to religion should be dismissed on the basis that Alamo’s First Amendment rights will be violated if they are not. Carter responds by stating that abuse cannot be condoned simply because it is allegedly done in the scope of a religion.

• Dec. 24

Hall files an unusually brief answer to the complaint generally denying all allegations of wrongdoing while referencing previously filed motions.

• Dec. 29

Carter files responses to two of the three motions Hall has filed. In them he argues against Hall’s quest to have “prejudicial matter” stricken from the complaint and to have a count of civil conspiracy dismissed.

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