1/8/09 – Alamo Ministries Is Claiming That The FBI Is Pressuring Members To Go To Counseling

January 8, 2009
By: Monika Rued

Alamo Ministry: FBI Pressuring Members To Go To Counseling

Tony Alamo’s ministry claims the FBI has been pressuring uncooperative church members into seeking treatment for “cult deprogramming.”

Alamo is in jail, awaiting a federal trial on charges of taking underage girls across state lines for sex. His lawyer, John Wesley Hall Jr., says referring church members to counseling would put added pressure on those who might honestly deny knowing anything about Alamo.

FBI spokesman Steve Frazier says FBI agents do not force or intimidate or coerce people into counseling or treatment programs. Frazier would not comment on specifics surrounding the investigation.

Alamo is scheduled for trial Feb. 2. but Hall has asked the judge to delay the trial to give the defense team more time to prepare. Hall says authorities have been investigating Alamo since 2001 and likely have a trove of evidence they would present.

Alamo’s ministry at Fouke was raided in September and he was arrested days later in Arizona. The U.S. Attorney’s Office opposes Hall’s request for more time.

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