Tony Alamo Says Its Okay To Marry Children

Since Tony Alamo began practicing polygamy and including young girls as his new brides, he has maintained the same defense on the issue of the right to marry children. He justifies the marrying of children by defining any young girl who has begun menstruating as being of child bearing age, therefore they are women and of marriageable age. To those of us who have daughters who are 8, 9 and 10 years of age and in the early stages of puberty, this explanation is an outrage and meant to justify his perverse desire to be intimate with children.

These are short sound bites from Tony Alamo’s messages . These message can be heard, in their entirety, here and the older ones can be heard here.

Program #313 dated February 6, 20072 minutes

Program #330 dated February 24, 20074 minutes

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