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At Wellspring Retreat and Resource Center they treat people who have been victims of psychological, emotional or spiritual abuse from religious cults, toxic relationships or other manipulative groups. Survivors come to them for help after having removed themselves from some of the following situations:

* Domestic violence
* Religious cults
* Therapist abuse
* Psychological abuse
* Abusive groups
* Clergy abuse
* Mental abuse
* Spiritual abuse
* Emotional abuse
* Cult abuse

They do not get involved in cult deprogramming, nor in reprogramming. They do help people re-integrate into mainstream society and come to terms with who they are and what happened to them. Clients come to Wellspring once they have made the decision to leave a situation of mental, emotional, and spiritual abuse on their own.

It is key to note that this is a strictly voluntary program. Only after a person has chosen to leave the psychological or spiritual abuse and seek treatment can they come to Wellspring Retreat & Resource Center for help.

Their treatment is not limited just to coercive persuasion and domestic violence. They have treated survivors of sexual abuse by clergy and therapists and victims of manipulation by multi-level marketing scams. Some of their clients have come from abusive 12 –Step programs and drug and alcohol treatment centers. They have also worked with former gang members and victims of torture. Whenever someone feels he or she has been deceived, manipulated, exploited, or subjected to brainwashing or emotional or mental abuse, Wellspring offers offer hope and help.

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