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Moving On: Dealing With Family Members Who Have Caused Us Harm

Lorna Goldberg and Ann Stamler
This article is based on a presentation by Lorna Goldberg at ICSA’s annual Workshop for Those Born/Raised in Cultic Groups in Chester, Connecticut, in which she discusses each year the very difficult question of how we who were born or raised in cultic groups feel today about the people who caused us harm as we were growing up, especially our families. Her presentation has two goals: one is to identify the issues we face; the other is to suggest how we might address those issues. She does not offer answers; she offers a framework we can use to find what works for us.

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Recovery Videos from ICSA (

ICSA presents video resources you can access at this site. Included are videos from
conferences, Dr Paul Martin from Wellspring Retreat, and Starting Out in Mainstream America.

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Cult Hotline & Clinic

Click here to go to Cult Hotline & Clinic’s wesite.
If Cults Have Disrupted Your Life… The Cult Hotline & Clinic Can Help!
Since 1980, their mental health professionals have worked with thousands of families and former cult members—providing counseling, information, and referrals to people of all religious, ethnic and racial backgrounds. Their outreach intiative has organized events to educate people about cults.

Cults Can Have a Terrible Effect on You and Your Family

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Wellspring Retreat & Resource Center

Click here to go to the Wellspring Retreat & Resource Center website.
At Wellspring Retreat and Resource Center they treat people who have been victims of psychological, emotional or spiritual abuse from religious cults, toxic relationships or other manipulative groups. Survivors come to them for help after having removed themselves from some of the following situations:

* Domestic violence
* Religious cults
* Therapist abuse
* Psychological abuse
* Abusive groups
* Clergy abuse
* Mental abuse
* Spiritual abuse
* Emotional abuse
* Cult abuse

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Moving On: Establishing an online community for youth raised in a NRM

Click here to go to Moving On: Getting Support and Speaking Out
Although, was created for people born and/or raised in the religious group known as The Children of God or The Family, there are many similarities to the people born and/or raised in the Alamo Foundation. While the majority of participants are people who have left (hence the name Moving On,) second or third generation young people who still live in Family communes are welcome to participate on there as well.

The purpose of their web site is to provide a forum for open and frank discussion on the unique experience of being raised in The Family, on life after the group and how they have adjusted (or not). This site benefits all people who have been born and/or raised in any similar totalistic group, such as the Alamo Foundation.

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