Alamo Claims That He was Railroaded and He is “Squeaky Clean”

As we know to be the case for most criminals incarcerated or released from prison for a crime – they almost always say they were “railroaded”, “framed” and most definitely they were “innocent”. Tony Alamo is no exception. Unfortunately, his cries of innocence fall on deaf ears when one considers the fact that all of the evidence and witnesses were presented at trial and a jury of his peers found that he was indeed guilty.

Alamo rambles on incessantly about how he was set up by the IRS and the Anti-Christ government because he was preaching the gospel. So now he tells anyone who will listen that he was put in jail for the “gospel sake”. This sounds a lot better than federal tax evasion. PLUS he gets the added bonus of being in the mile high club with all of the other “religious convicts” that were criminals for the gospel sake; Peter, Paul, John, Jesus. Being a self proclaimed prophet, he claims he is in good company.

Some other accusations he continues to defend are those constant child abuse and polygamy accusations. There are plenty of headlines about him on this subject. Not to mention, the child marriages. He asks everyone to check his background and court records. He claims we will not find any sex crimes in his record. Well there are a couple statutory rape charges (his stepdaughter, Christhiaon Coie, testified that Alamo raped her and a criminal background check indicated he had a background that included statutory rape charges) but perhaps they don’t count because he claims the Lord told him to do it. One thing is for certain, Alamo does not have a sex offender record YET because he has not been caught. We will never find more than one woman registered as his wife because he is not stupid enough to get a license for all of his brides but several “wives” have left the group and come forward with their eye witness accounts. And when he physically abuses / beats children, he has been known to RUN from any charges. That’s right. RUN. The thing he claims that he NEVER does at the end of this sound bite from Persecution & Threats – Part 2 from Program #340 dated March 6, 2007.

Criminal or Innocent Victim? We bring you the facts. You decide.

I’m Squeaky Clean! – from Program #349 dated March 15, 2007 – 2 minutes

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